Available sports law courses

October – November 2024

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Sports Law Hub is the only entity that offers the same training offer as a Master in Sports Law provided specialized way through an intensive format and a practical learning methodology

Diploma in Taxation and Sport

sport taxation

Take a big step in your professional career

Diploma in Sport related Commercial Contracts

Commercial contracts sporting event

Compliance course in the sports industry

Compliance course in the sports industry

Learn from the best in the business

Diploma in Anti-Doping

antidoping course

Sports Agent Executive Program

soccer agent

Diploma in Sport Discipline

sports discipline course

Diploma in Regulation and Governance

regulation and governance course

Why choose
Sports Law Hub?

Our training in Sports Law offers a complete training course on all the most relevant aspects for the management of sports-related businesses.

Our courses are aimed at sports enthusiasts and legal professionals who wish to specialize in order to advise and create companies in the sector, as well as students or professionals from other fields who do not have an academic background in law, but want to develop their career in a sector in high demand.

More programs and courses in sports law will be launched soon.
Stay tuned for updates.

More programs and sports law courses will be launched soon.
Stay in touch and up-to-date.